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Thank you to everyone who sent in something for last month's Willa Forum - you guys rock! And this is what you said:

Name: Amber Dawn

I'm on Backstreet.net daily, sometimes many times daily, and I know what you mean about this Mandah, Willa...whatever thing getting out of hand. Yes, she is 'little' Nicky's on again off again girl. And yes, she's got a bad wrap, But honestly and truely, how can we (the fans) be sure of that? I think a lot of peeps assume too much about our Nicky. I know that when I first head anything about Kev havinga girlfriend, or at that time, "The girl I'm dating..." (that little sneak! lol) I just waited for him to say whatever. What I'm trying to say is that when it comes to the rest of the Boys have g/f's, wives, or 'dates' that Nick is the only one who gets the towel. He's the one that all the fans love, and that's good too, but give the Boy a break. He's trying to find love here! :)
I know, Mandah and Nick have had conflicts that the fans have no right to be involved in, unless Nick or Mandah say something about it. I mean, although I don't condone it, AJ's and Br's ex's wrote books about them. (I know, I know, my friends all call me Mommy because I have a tendency to not 'condone' a lot. LOL You know, like Kevvy's the "Daddy")
If Mandah did something about that, then, I would probably have a reason to hate her, but she's a starving artist now, out there trying to make her name and fans just keep pushing her away and making her the evil one. Which brings me to another point, Nick is the antagoniser of the group, the Boys said it themselves. Maybe, it's not all Willa, maybe it's both of them. Who knows? I'm just a simple fan who loves all of them dearly and will support them in anything. So, yes, I am a supporter of their relationships and whatever else they may need to be supported on. :)
Peace, Love and BSB, AD!!

Name: Virginia

Nick also said that she did (abuse him) on MTV and in Magazine interviews. I have nothing against her as a person but I do have something agains the way that she treeted her boyfriend. Nick claims that she is the reason that he was not with his parents for a full two years when ever he was not on tour or recording with the boys, he was with her and not of his own free will either

Name: Shasha

I perosnally have heard the same things about Willa, but until I really meet her. I can't judge her. If she did hurt nick and then he got back with her, then maybe he had a change of heart or something. I would really like to meet Willa, just to get the record straight and see what she's all about. If she makes Nick happy, then I'm happy for him. I also heard, for a realiable source, Miss. Latona, that the two broke up, but I don't know. Those are my thoughts!!!

Name: Lauren

I don't hate her. I want to, becuase I love Nick. Like you. I feel so much like you about your thoughts on the guys. They have changed my life, personality, everything about me in more ways than anyone can ever understand. And I am constantly enduring BSB and Nick bashing from my friends. And it makes me mad and hurt. So I don't think that true BSB fans should diss Willa. I love Leighanne, and I don't know much about Amanda and Kristen, or Claudia. Willa was the only one that ever really bothered me. And it kinda takes a lot to not really REALLY dislike her. But she and Nick are broken up, so, I guess now I can say that most (ok-all) of my ill-feelings toward her are jealousy.

Name: littrellsgirl82

I'm 18 years old, I'll turn 19 in 2 months. I am a college student and I'm a preachers daughter. I'm writing you to make you aware of my experience. PLEASE read this. I am not a raving teeny bopper and I am not at all romantically interested in Nick Carter.

I don't like Willa because I MET HER. All right I almost got to talk to Nick, but the woman wouldn't let anyone near him, she practically ran from backstage and dragged him away from the fans. The worst thing is that she didn't even look at us, it was like we weren't even there! My DREAM MAN IS BRIAN LITTRELL AND I TOTALLY SUPPORT LEIGHANNE LITTRELL, and I like KRISTIN so don't tell me why I dislike that nasty woman WILLA. Cos it sure isn't for Nick.

Seeing her that day made me realize why Brian and Kevin Wives were decent people: LEIGHANNE IS A LADY, AS IS KRISTIN. SO OF COURSE I LOVE AND SUPPORT BOTH THE BSB WIVES. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE WIVES AND NOT JUST GIRL FRIENDS. THEY HAVE THE QUALITIES THAT MAKE THEM WORTHY OF OUR GUYS AND WORTHY OF SUPPORT FROM FANS. Sorry for shouting, I feel strongly about this subject, and don't feel bad for not liking that Willa person. All those Pro Willa people: How about you meet the woman with Nick around before you jump to her defense?

We were a WELL BEHAVED crowd and all Nick was doing, was signing autographs, and chatting with the fans. That's what ALL the guys were doing. No one was yelling obscenities, or throwing stuff. I use the term "our boys" as a term of showing I LOVE these men, they are part of my soul and heart until I die. Others feel that way too so they are OURS, NOT MINE OR YOURS. BSB refer to their fans are "OUR FANS", so there is NOTHING wrong with my saying "OUR BOYS" THIS I WITNESSED WITH MY OWN EYES. HOW CAN IT BE A RUMOR FROM ANOTHER FAN? The woman STOLE MY OPPORTUNITY OF TALKING TO Nick that day and giving him my letter to Brian. But lucky for me I got to meet him at some other occasion. I DO NOT LIKE HER, nothing you can say will affect that because I SAW HER IN ACTION. SHE RAN OUT like a MAD woman.

And to those that say "they aren't your boys", BSB has said time and time again "that without you (the fans) there would be no us (BSB)" so BASICALLY we made them who they are today, we placed them where they are at, so I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO REFER TO BSB AS OUR BOYS.

To think I was just starting to like the woman. But then I saw this:
seventeen.com: Speaking of relationships, you used to have a pretty famous one -- with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. And the fans were really harsh -- showing up with "Die Willa" signs and everything.
Willa: I experienced, I think, true love at a very young age, which is an amazing thing. I still would, even if we're not together, I would still turn around and die for that man. It's that kind of a love situation where you know that person, if you're on your deathbed, that person is going to be there. What the fans say really doesn't matter to me. It's more about what that other person says and what that other person feels, not about what they think. As the fans get older and grow up, I think they kind of realize it. They kind of find other things to do with their time, other than try to make up stories and ridicule you for just being you. When people hate you for being you it's like, 'What did I do to you?'"

First off the woman is rude! She doesn't care how we fans feel, good cos I could care less about that woman's feelings, well I'd care if I hurt them. I'd be really HAPPY! She is so fake, saying that she doesn't NEED Nick, then she acts like a love sick puppy, she would NOT die for him. She'd die for his connections, power, and money. The woman has no respect for BSB fans, that's why we don't show her respect all you little manduh fans. She even went so far to imply that we need to GROW UP! How about that woman grows up and stop living off of other people. Trying to make herself look like a victim.

I really was going to leave it be, but I read a recent article from some magazine and they described her as sweet.....I have one thing to say to you people:

Willa says she wants to be bad and the absolute 180 of Britney Spears and all those peeps right? Then why is she doing a cheesy interview and trying to make herself look sweet and mistreated? Um okay. If that's not hypocritical...

Even her fans didn't like what she said and the way she carried herself. If the woman wants to succeed maybe she should learn about etiquette or find some semblance of self respect. That's all I had to say. Thank you for reading this and God bless.

So, did this Forum change any of the thoughts YOU had about Willa? Maybe you have something more to say about the issue? Feel free to mail me at tightiewhities_inc@hotmail.com. Otherwise, send in your thoughts on the NEXT Forum!