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Saturday, March 30, 2002 :::
Today, I went to the mall, all excited about getting the new Aaron Carter DVD - hey, don't laugh, I was getting it for Nickerlas. I can't possibly pass up him singing two of my most favouritest songs now can I? (Dude, I really AM starting to pick up on their bad grammar lol) So like I was saying, I was all excited about getting to watch an hour or two of the Carter brothers acting cute but NOOOO, not one of the 4 stores I went to had it. Conspiracy? I think so. Apparently, Aaron Carter is too un-mainstream to be sold here. But I want it SO bad dag namit. Now I'm going to have to go to the States and get it or something. The things I do for the Blond one...*sigh*

Right Now I'm...
Listening to: Life - Our Lady Peace
Feeling: Annoyed

::: posted by Jen at 10:28 PM

Monday, March 25, 2002 :::
Well...I'm having a dilemma. And I really hope people actually read this thing cause I'm desperately seeking input!! lol Well, I recently got a few invites to get hosted. I'm very very grateful for that and I just wanna thank people really quick for wanting to host me. I haven't gotten back to anyone yet cause I can't decide which domain to go with. My choices right now are www.slashbeat.com and www.mouth-to-mouth.net so someone please comment and help me out here or even email me at tightiewhities_inc@hotmail.com, OR AIM me at TWItothemax (see how flexible I am LOL) ASAP and I'll love you forever. Seriously. I'm a loving person. lmao And think about it. If I get hosted at a fantabulous place, that means no more ads and annoying 'Page has exceeded bandwidth' signs for you! YAYNESS!! lol

Right Now I'm...
Listening to: Drowning - Backstreet Boys (I don't need another liiiiiiifeline...)
Feeling: like my lips hurt from playing in band for 2 freakin hours straight. :(

::: posted by Jen at 8:45 PM

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