Chapter 5

A few weeks later, Emily came up with a decision. She had to follow her heart and tell Nick. She’d tell him today. But what should say? How do you tell your best friend you’ve fallen head over heels in love with him? Emily tried a few ways of saying it.
“Nick, I think I’m in love with you.” No, way too forward.
“Nick, I know our relationship has always been platonic but I think I want more than that.” No, sounds too much like something out of Dawson’s Creek.
“Nick, I –“
“Me? Nick what?” Nick peeked into her room. Emily whirled around, surprised. Ok, this is it, she thought. Like it or not, I’m telling him now. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and I guess whatever happens, happens, she thought.
“Nick, I – “
“Wait, hang on a minute Em, I want you to meet someone,” Nick interrupted, a wide grin on his face. That was when Emily noticed he was amazingly happy…and that he had someone else behind him, holding his hand. The person stepped into view, a tall, beautiful girl with long honey blond hair. Oh no, this is not happening, Emily thought, tell me that’s one of Nick’s cousins or something. But Emily knew that wouldn’t happen, she’s met Nick’s whole family already, even the cousins that Nick rarely talked to.
“Em, meet Jessica, my new girlfriend. Jess, meet Emily, my best friend,”

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