Chapter 6

“Can you believe it? Jessica was Miss Florida last year! And she’s only nineteen! Just like us!” Nick said happily, like a little kid who had just been given a lollipop.
“Aw, Nick. You’re such a sweetie,” Jessica purred.
“Oh really? That’s pretty cool,” Emily replied, forcing a smile on her face.
“Sorry I never told you about Jessica before Em. I just met her yesterday – we were both at Blockbuster and she wanted to rent the same movie as me, can you believe that? So we just sorta go together then and I wanted you to be the first to know that we’re officially together,” Nick grinned again.
“I’m sorry Nick but you gotta go. My mom’s coming back any minute and she wants to spend some quality time with me,” Emily lied. If she heard another word about how wonderful Jessica was, she was either gonna puke or burst out crying.
“Oh, I didn’t know your mom had a day off today,” Nick mused.
“Ya well she does,” Emily replied, pushing him out the door, “Bye Nick. Bye Jessica!” She waved and closed the door behind her. Emily sank to the ground, bursting into tears, still being able to hear Jessica’s giggles as the couple ran off outside. How could this have happened? Her timing officially SUCKED. She sighed heavily. Her heart felt like it had just been ripped out and gotten trampled on a couple of times.
Now what do I do? I can’t possible tell him now. There’s no way I’d pop his bubble like that and ruin things so badly for Nick. He was so happy with Jessica. What do I do? Just wait? Emily wondered, confused.
She reached for the phone on the kitchen wall and dialled Brian’s number.

Chapter 7

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