Chapter 7

“I’m sorry Em. I think you’re a little late. Once Nick starts seeing a girl, it might not be over for a long time. He gets really into it and really likes the girl. I guess you’ll just have to wait. Or, you could always just tell him anyway but then that might not be the best idea.” Brian suggested.
“Gee, you think Brian?” Emily commented sarcastically.
“Well, sor-ry!” Brian retorted.
“I’m sorry, Brian. I’m still just REALLY shocked right now, “ Emily apologized, “But I can’t wait Brian! I’d die if I had to watch Nick drool all over ‘Miss Florida’ everyday!”
“So tell him,” Brian said evenly.
“Just tell him? How could I do that and be so selfish?” Emily asked incredulously.
“I hate to be judgemental, but from what I heard from you, this Jessica girl doesn’t seem all that wonderful,” Brian said, his southern Kentucky accent still strong in his voice.
“So?” Emily snapped.
“So, it’ll blow over. I’m sure in a few months, Nick probably would see the light and not like her so much anymore,” Brian predicted.
“You think so? But there’s no way I can wait a few months. One month, max,” Emily sighed.
“Then do what you haveta do.”

Chapter 8

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