Chapter 2

An Old Feeling

Trista held her plate and Nick's as he climbed the hickory tree. "Okay," he said reaching the first high branch, which was low enough for him to bend down and get their plates. After he took them, Trista started to climb the tree. They both sat down on the branch and started to eat.
"So, how's marching season going?" Nick asked remembering their conversation a couple of days before.
"Oh, really great. We got a first last week." Trista said eating a chip. They talked more about Trista's college work and Nick on tour. When they finished, Nick jumped down and took they plates, then Trista jumped down. Then they started back to the house, laughing and talking. Atfer helping clean up everything they both sat on the floor in Trista's living room.
"There's a couple of hours of daylight left, what do you wanna do?" Nick asked leaning against the couch.
"I don't know, I guess we could......Wait a minute!" Trista jumped up.
"What?" Nick asked as she relaxed and leaned closer.
"Remember that pond that we found where the waterfall was?" Trista asked quietly.
"The one we weren't suppose to telling anyone about?" Nick asked with a smile.
"Yes, that one. Let's go." Trista urged standing up.
"Alright, I'll go tell my mom and change and I'll meet you by the four-wheelers in five minutes." Nick said and then walked out the front door. Trista jumped up and raced toward and up the stairs. Trista changed into her blue two piece and slipped over it a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. She slipped on some sandals and ran down the stairs.
"Whoa there Speedy, where you goin'?" Adam asked as she tried to hurry pass him. Trista stopped and turned around.
"I'm going for a walk with Nick if you must know," Trista stated to her 23 year old brother.
"Really? And for that you need a towel?" Adam asked curiously.
"Yeah when I wanna sit down." Trista said as she walked toward the door.
"Well, you and your boyfriend better be back before dark or mom will get mad," Adam said turning on the TV.
"He's not my boyfriend!" Trista yelled at him and stepped outside.
"He should be," Adam mumbled.

Nick sat on his four-wheeler and tapped the seat.
"Hope you brought a towel," Trista walked up to the four-wheeler next to him and hopped on.
"Yeah," he said with a angry look.
"Am I that late?" Trista said glancing at her watch.
"It's not you. I'll tell you later. We better get there." Nick said starting the four wheeler. Trista shrugged and started hers. They both raced off into the woods.

They sat on the rocks by the top of the waterfall and kicked their feet over the edge.
"Now, what's up with you?" Trista asked.
"Well, BJ keeps saying that me and you are in love and should go out. She keeps making me mad," Nick said.
"So, you think we shouldn't?" Trista asked curiously.
"Well, no, but you're my best friend. Do think we shouldn't?" Nick asked back.
"No, I'm just asking 'cause Adam keeps bugging me about it too." she replied looking at him. Trista watched him. She did have a crush on him when they were 13, but at the age of 16 gave that up. Was she falling for him again? Trista shook her head and looked at the water below, What am I thinking? He's my best friend. Then again, Trista looked at him again, He is really nice and sweet. And he's sooo hot and.....
"So, you wanna go swimming or sit here all afternoon?" Nick asked, breaking the silence.
"I wanna go swimming." Trista said smiling at him.
"Alright." Nick said standing up. Trista did the same and walked over a little bit. She slipped off her shorts and shirt and rolled them in a ball and threw them down by the four wheelers that sat on the shore. She walked over to where Nick was still standing.
"See you at the bottom," she said and jumped off the edge.
"Tris..." Nick started reaching out for her, but she was already gone.

Trista hit the water with a huge splash. She came to the surface and laughed.
"You afraid Nicky?" she asked, swimming backwards.
"No, I'm not afraid." Nick stated pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it down by Trista's.
"Then come on in," she said. Nick smiled and jumped off the edge and hit the water a couple of feet away from Trista. She shielded her eyes and then looked back to find that Nick hadn't surfaced yet. She looked around with a worried face.
"Nick!" she yelled, but there was no answer.
"Nick!" she screamed again, but still no answer.
"This isn't funny, come on Nick!" she yelled. She turned around to see if he was behind her but saw no one. Someone then pulled Trista under water and she screamed and was gone. There was a silence in the forest until Trista and Nick came up gasping for air.
"Oh Nickolas Gene Carter!!! You have some nerve!" Trista said swimming away from him. Nick just laughed and he pushed his wet hair back.
"Told you not to call me Nicky!" he said laughing. Trista swam to the side of the cliff and jumped up on a rock.
"That wasn't funny!" she shot back pulling her legs up and wrapping her arms around them. The joke had obviously shook her up some and Nick stopped laughing and swam toward her.
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that," Nick said looking up at her. Trista turned her head.
"You scared me half to death!" she said.
"That was the point." he said softly.
"I heard that," she said.
Nick laughed a little and grabbed her feet, "Come back in, I said I was sorry." Trista just eyed him angrily.
"Pleaseeeee," he begged.
"Just promise you won't do that again," Trista said letting go of her legs.
"Scout's honor," he said.
"Alright. Now help me down," she said.
"Okay," he replied. Trista grabbed his neck and Nick put his hands around her waist and pulled her down into the water. They sat there for a moment and looked at each other. Nick then let go of her and swam off toward the waterfall, "You think that cave thing is still back here?" he asked stopping in front of it.
"Unless it grew legs and walked off, I think it would be.." she said swimming up beside him.
Nick looked over at her, "Wanna come and check it out?"
"Sure, why not?" Trista said. Nick swam in and hopped onto the rock. Trista held out her hand and Nick pulled her up. They looked around the barely light cave.
"I wonder..." Trista trailed off looking along the walls.
"What are you looking for?" Nick asked following her.
"This." she replied pointing at a little craving in the wall. TL + NC = BFF.
"Oh my god, it's still here." Nick laughed kneeling infont of the drawing.
"I can't believe it. We wrote that when we were 13," Trista said running her fingers over the craving and kneeling next to Nick.
"Yeah, the day before I left for New York," he said. Nick watched her study the craving. He remember that he used to have a huge crush on her when they were 13. Nick shook his head, that ended when they were 16. Was he falling for her again? Nick smiled to himself. What is up with me? She's my best friend. Then again, he thought looking at her every feature. She's so much fun and I feel like myself when she's around. And god she is so beautiful. Her eyes and her......
"We better start heading back." Trista said standing.
"Huh? Yeah, your're right." Nick replied standing and they both headed out of the cave.

Chapter 3

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