Chapter 4

A Friend Comes To Save The Day

The morning light hit Trista, and she turned over and pulled the covers over her head.
"Stupid window," she mumbled and fell back asleep again.

Nick walked into the front door and looked into the living room to see Adam and Jeff, Trista's father, watching TV.
"Morning Nick," Jeff said looking over at the 19 year old.
"Oh, hi Jeff. Hey Adam," Nick answered.
"Hey," Adam said as he yawned.
"She's still in bed," Jeff smiled.
"Thanks," Nick replied and ran up the stairs. He walked down the hall and said good morning to Frieda who had a pile of clothes in her hands. Nick got to Trista's closed door and opened it gently. He looked in and saw Trista under her covers still sleeping. He laughed softly and entered the room, closing the door behind him. Nick walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled the covers off of her head gently. She lay there sleeping away,her long hair all over the pillow. Nick smiled, She looks so peaceful and calm, he thought looking down at her. Nick leaned down and kissed her forehead, "Wake up Trissy." Trista streched and opened her eyes and smiled at Nick.
"Good Morning," she said sleepily.
"It's about 9:00, you better get up," Nick said as she sat up.
"Yeah, well I'm up now, Thank you Nicky." He stood.
"Just because it's early in the morning, I'll let you slip with that one," he said and then sat in a chair. Trista laughed and stood.
"I'm going to get dressed, then I can go eat," Trista said grabbing a blue t-shirt and pair of shorts. Nick waited paitently as she changed in the bathroom. Trista walked in,still combing her hair and sat down on her bed with her laptop.
"What are you doing?" Nick asked, sitting beside her.
"Checkin' my e-mail. Alli might of sent something," Trista replied sitting her brush on the nightstand as the screen came up.
"Alli?" Nick asked.
"Oh one of my friends from back home. We share a dorm at college," Trista replied opening her e-mail window. The e-mail icon popped up and Trista clicked on it. "This is only a few seconds old." Trista said as the letter started to form on the screen.
"What's it say?" Nick asked.
"'Hey girl! What's up? Nothin' much here. Guess what? My dad and I were talking and he let me go somewhere for a couple of weeks. I'm there right now. Just look out your window," Trista read and then jumped up and sat the laptop on the bed, "She's here!" Trista ran over to her window and saw Alli's familar Jeep Cheeroke parked next to her Mustang. Trista turned around and grabbed Nick's hand. "Come on!" she said pulling him down the hall. They both raced down the stairs and Trista rushed out the door. "Alli!!" she screamed running to the auburn-haired girl and embracing her in a hug.
"Hey girl! I can tell you just got my e-mail," Alli answered hugging her friend back. Nick slowly opened the screen door and walked out onto the porch and leaned against the pillar. Alli looked at him and smiled. She waved at him as she and Trista opened her trunk. "Is that Nick Carter, your best friend?" Alli asked softly as Nick waved back.
"Yeah, that's him," Trista answered sitting one suitcase on the ground.
"Good God girl, he is even hotter in person. Did he bring any friends?" Alli asked pulling out a suitcase.
"Alli!" Trista whispered.
"I'm surprised you two aren't going out," Alli said quietly as Trista shut the door.
"Well, we're best friends, and I intend for it to be nothing more," Trista replied grabbing the other suitcase. They started walking toward the porch.
"It's too bad, your probably missing alot," Alli said quietly. Trista gave her an evil look as they reached the top of the stairs.
"Nick, meet Alli. Alli, this is Nick," Trista said as Alli put her suitcase down.
"It's nice to meet you Alli," Nick said shaking her hand.
"The pleasure is all mine," Alli replied and then reached for her suitcase.
"Please allow me," Nick said grabbing the suitcase and then walking into the house.
"He's even a gentleman. Trista, I just might ask him out," Alli said smiling. Trista rolled her eyes and walked inside the house. Nick had already taken the suitcase to the guestroom and walked back up with Trista and Alli to the room.

Trista put the suitcase on the floor and took a deep breath.
"You know," she started pulling a strand of hair away from her face, "you could of helped me Nicky," Trista said then put a hand over her mouth realizing what she had said.
"Oh, Trissy, that was a mistake!" he smiled.
"Huh?" Alli said in confusion.
"Oh god!" Trista screamed and raced out of the room, Nick almost right behind her. Trista ran into her room and then into the bathroom and shut the door. Nick walked in and closed and locked the door behind him. He didn't want her getting out. Trista bit her lower lip as she peaked out into the room. He looked around and then started toward the bathroom. Trista laughed and closed the door as Nick tried to open it.
"Come on Trissy," Nick teased as he smiled. Trista cracked the door open and looked at him with a smile.
"No. You'll tickle me to death."
"That's the idea," Nick said reaching in the bathroom and grabbing her by the waist.
"Oh god no!" she screamed as she was pinned to the wall.
"Trissy, I've told you time and time again, Nicky is not the best name to call me," Nick said tickling her sides.
"O....K....I....promise........." Trista said between her laughs. Nick stopped and still held her to the wall. They both looked at each other and said nothing. I just have to kiss her, Nick thought, not being able to control his urge anymore. Trista stared into his diamond blue eyes and just sighed. Nick then leaned down and kissed her.

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