Chapter 7

An encounter with the truth

"So, Kevin called you when we got off the phone?" Nick asked Brian as he, Trista and Alli sat in his room.
"Yeah, we're in the tour bus right now and should be there later tonight," Brian answered.
"Alright. You know where I am right?" Nick asked as he ran a hand through his blonde hair.
"Yeah. We'll see you later. Oh and Nick," Brian said.
"Yeah?" Nick asked back.
"Don't do anything with Trista till we get there, k?" Brian answered laughing.
"Oh Brian, shut up," Nick replied jokingly.
"See-ya later," Brian said then hung up the phone.
Nick put the phone back in the craddle and turned to Trista and Alli, "Well Justin wasn't lying because the guys are heading down here right now."
"Great. Just great," Trista said sitting down.
"Don't worry, I'll still be able to hang around here. I mean this would be the perfect place for all of us to practice," Nick answered sitting next to her.
"Yeah I guess," Trista replied.
"We better get back to your house Trista," Alli said giving Trista the look that they needed to talk.
"You go ahead, I'll be over in a little bit," Trista answered. Alli nodded and left, closing the door behind her. Nick and Trista sat in silence.
"We need to talk," they both said at the same time. They both smiled at each other.
"Look, Nick. I think that what happened this afternoon....."
"Was just something that happened. I totally understand. I think we should just pretend it never happened," Nick finshed for her.
"We don't have to Nick. It's just... I would like to stay friends," Trista replied. Nick nooded and looked at the floor.
"Me too," he said, and his heart ached because he knew he was lying.
Trista leaned over and kissed his forehead, "I'll see you later tonight." She then stood and left. Nick sighed, I think Brian was right, he thought as he stood and went and looked out the screen door to see Trista walking across the yard, I just wonder whether she was lying just like I was. He shook his head and then took his basketball and raced down stairs.

Trista slowly trudged up the stairs and looked back to see Nick shooting his basketball. He slowly walked over, picked up the ball and shot it again. I can't believe that I just told him that, she thought and then walked up to her room. Alli stood from her bed as Trista walked in. Trista smiled and pressed the play button on her stereo and turned down the music and fell onto her bed. Alli did the same and then broke their silence.
"Are you blind?" she asked.
"No, Alli. I can see perfectly fine," Trista answered.
"Then why do you keep kidding yourself? You and Nick both. Can't you see?" Alli asked as 'Quit Playing Games with My Heart' started playing.
"I know what you're saying and you're wrong Alli. He thinks the same way I do," Trista said closing her eyes. The whole stituation was making her frustrated.
"Ok. If you two want to keep lying to yourselves than you guys are gonna end up with other people and want each other. Only you can't come back to these houses and expect to have everything the same because it won't be," Alli started as she stood and looked at Trista. Trista took a pillow and rolled over. She couldn't face Alli because she knew she was right. "Quit denying yourself. You both know I'm right, you just don't see it through those thick heads of yours. I hear you two keep saying over and over again that you're just friends, but when I see him look at you and you look at him....Trista, no guy at home or any other guy we've met or seen has looked at you like he does. Never. And you look at him like a real person and you both look with love. If you can't adimit that that is the truth, then you're both just........ blind," Alli finshed and walked out of the room. A tear ran down Trista's right cheek. Alli was so right, but he's my best friend, nothing more, kept banging in the back of Trista's head.

Nick sighed as he grabbed the basketball and threw it toward the goal. It started to get dark and Bob came out to get him.
"Is your game that off?" he asked as he walked up behind the goal. Nick shot and looked at his dad as the ball went throught the hoop.
"Just thinking," Nick said softly as Bob grabbed the ball.
"Been thinking for two hours Nick. What's up?" Bob threw the basketball to him.
"Oh, it's Trista," Nick said, catching the ball and shooting again.
"So, what happened?" Bob asked, taking the ball and throwing it back.
"Well, we kinda did something and we both agreed that it was a mistake, you know nothing to worry about, just forget it. But I can't seem to believe her when she talks like it meant nothing to her," Nick replied catching the ball.
"You kissed didn't you?" Bob asked knowingly.
"Yeah," Nick answered simply.
"Did it mean something to you?" Bob asked.
"Yeah, I guess it did," Nick answered as his dad walked up beside him.
"And was she finshing your sentences, and you hers when you talked about it?" Bob asked.
"Yeah, she was," Nick replied thinking back to their converstation.
"Well, then it meant something to her too. You both just don't won't to admit it to each other," Bob answered taking the ball and shooting it. He then walked back to the house. Bob then turned and looked at his oldest son, "You know, Nick. You both need to say what you feel and not lie to yourselves as well as each other." Nick nodded and sat on the court and bounced the basketball. As he drifted into thought, something drived up into Trista's driveway and Nick looked up. He stood immediately and raced to her house as the dodge ram came to a stop.

Trista wiped her tears and fixed her hair in the bathroom. She washed her faced again and dried it. Her red eyes were gone and she walked out of the bathroom.
"Trista you have company," Frieda yelled from the bottom stairs. Trista rolled her eyes and went down the hall. She didn't see Alli come out and didn't bother to knock. She still didn't feel like confronting her yet. Trista slowly decended the stairs and didn't look up from the floor.
"Oh, Trista. Why so sad?" a familiar voice came to her ears. Trista looked up and stopped on the stairs. Justin smiled.

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