Chapter 8

The Battle of the Boys

"Justin, what are you doing here?" Trista asked, confused as she reached the bottom of the stairs.
"Oh, the guys all went out tonight and I thought that me and you could go get something to eat?" Justin looked at her with begging eyes. Trista titled her head and bit her lower lip thinking as Justin walked toward her, "I don't know Justin," she replied unknowingly.
"Please? It'll be fun," he said taking her hands. She heard Alli come down the steps behind her. Trista turned and saw Alli's forgiving eyes turn to confusion.
"Well, Justin, Alli and I planned to talk tonight..." Trista said waiting for Alli to say something backing her up but got a whole different answer....from her mom.
"Oh, Trista, Alli and I need to talk. It's been forever since I've seen her," Frieda said and she winked at Alli.
Alli just smiled and Justin did too, "Good, I'll wait outside." Trista put on a fake smile for Justin as he walked out. Trista then turned to Frieda.
"Thanks a lot mom!" she whispered to her mom loudly as she and Alli headed back up the stairs.
"Come Trista," Alli said grabbing her hand as she smiled, "we must get you ready for your big date." They walked into Trista's room and Trista changed into a pair of losely fit jeans and kept the same shirt, but tucked it in. She didn't put much make-up on and put her hair back up in a bun. She didn't want to look that great for Justin. She glanced out her window as she finshed her hair from her desk and saw Nick walking across the yard.
"Oh God," Trista said loudly and flew out of her chair.

Nick walked up the porched and saw Justin leaning against a pilliar.
"Nick," Justin said through his teeth. Nick just glared and said nothing. He opened the door and walked in the house to see Frieda standing by the stairs.
"Oh Nick," Frieda said startled.
"Sorry I scared you. What's going on?" he asked quietly so that Justin wouldn't hear.
"Trista and Justin are going somewhere," Frieda answered. Nick looked at her in shock. Just then, Trista came running down the stairs and at the sight of Nick slowed down. Nick looked at her intently, but forgot his confusion when he looked at her. She wore loose blue jeans and had her dark blue Old Navy shirt tucked in. Her hair was up in a bun and she didn't have much make-up on, but still looked great to Nick. He shook his head as she slowly walked toward Nick.
"Hi," she said softly.
"Hey," he said back looking at her straight in the face.
"You're not mad are you?" she asked as she stood infont of him.
"No, why would I be mad?" Nick answered, shrugging as if nothing was wrong. Trista put her arms around his neck and hugged him.
"Are you sure this is okay?" she asked softly in his ear.
"Yeah, just have a good time, okay?" he said to her hugging her back. She kissed his cheek.
"I will, bye Nick," she said and walked away and out of the house. He stood there and did nothing. Frieda and Alli watched Trista and Justin walked out to the truck and leave.
"I hope this gives Trista a reailty check," Frieda said looking out the window.
"You're not the only one," Alli answered softly as Nick walked out of the house, his head down.

Trista looked out the window and twirled her hair as Justin drove down the road. He glanced from her back to the road and back to her again.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. I just haven't been having a good day, that's all," she replied with a faint smile.
"It's Nick, isn't it? Let me be the first to tell you Trista, he's no good. If you two go out, he'll probably....."
"Look, you may not like him, but he is still my best friend so when I'm around talk with some respect," Trista said angrily and then turned back to the window. There was another silence.
"Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that," Justin replied forgivingly. Trista didn't replied so Justin changed the subject. "Where you wanna go?" he asked.
"You pick, I'm not that hungry anyway," Trista replied. Justin turned his attention back to the road, Why does Nick have to ruin everything for me! Just you wait Nick Carter, she'll be mine, what ever it takes!!

Nick sat on the steps of Trista's house and stared out at the road. Alli emerged from the house and sat down by him.
"You okay?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine. Just waiting for the guys," he replied, still looking at the road.
"Are you sure that's who you wanna wait for?" Alli asked leaning over to look at him.
Nick shifted his gaze from the road to Alli, "Yeah, I'm sure." He then turned back to the road. Alli then stood and walked up the stairs. Just then a huge tour bus came down the road and turned into the driveway. Alli turned around and Nick stood. The bus stopped and the door opened. Brian stepped out and looked over at Nick standing on the porch, along with another girl. Nick smiled as he walked down the stairs.
"Hey Frack, what's up?" Brian asked as they gave each other a quick hug.
"Well, nothing much," Nick replied as the other guys got out. They all gave their meets and greets and then headed toward Trista's house where Alli still stood on the porch. She smiled at them.
"Is that Trista? She's changed alot!" A.J. whispered as the group walked closer to the house.
"No that's Alli, Trista's friend that's staying here," Nick replied looking at the ground knowing what the next question would be.
"Well, then where's Trista?" Brian asked curiously as they slowly started up the stairs.
"Well, there's the problem," Nick said silently as they all walked into the house.

Trista laughed and sat back in her chair. Justin and her had went to mall and shopped awhile and now were eating in the food court. Trista had gotton to know Justin a little, and ,even though she hated to admit it, he was kinda fun.
"So, anyway, we followed JC and Crystal out to her car, and then just when they went to kiss, we sparyed them with water! They were soaked!" Justin laughed telling her the rest of his story.
Trista laughed, "I bet JC was mad."
"Oh, he was so mad, he vowed to get us back and never did," Justin answered and they both laughed.
There was a silence for a little bit and then Trista looked at her watch, "Oh man, it's about five till 9:00"
"So?" Justin asked as they stood and threw away their trash.
"Well, the mall closes up at 9:00. We better leave or we'll get locked in here." Trista answered as they walked toward the door.
"I don't have a problem with that." Justin commented.
Trista smiled at him, "Well, I do." He laughed.
"I like you alot Trista," he said as they walked to his truck in the dim parking lot.
"Really?" Trista asked nervously as they both climbed into the truck.
"Yeah. Do you like me?" he asked out of the blue. Trista felt as if a bomb had been dropped right on her head.
"Well, yeah I guess so. I mean you're really nice and funny and I like that in a guy," she complimented, hoping not to give him any ideas. But it was too late for Justin was smiling and thinking that she was all his.

Nick threw the football to A.J.
"I'm not that bothered by it," he said looking over at the road.
"Nick, you've been looking at that road every 5 minutes. You can't lie to us," A.J. answered throwing the ball to Brian.
"He's right. You are bothered by her going out with another guy," Brian said and then passed the ball to Kevin.
"Alright. You guys are right, but it's not that she is going out with some guy it's that...." Nick started and then caught the ball.
"It's just that she went with Justin?" Kevin asked.
"Yeah. I mean, he could try anything with her. Not only that, tell her anything and she could believe him," Nick said tossing the ball to Howie. He caught it and then looked at Nick sternly.
"She's your best friend. She won't believe him. You know that as much as we do," he stated throwing the ball to A.J.
"Guess you're right," Nick said turning back to the road.

They threw the ball around a bit and then went back to the porch and sat down to talk about the concert.
"So, we have to perform four songs?" Nick asked tossing the football in the air.
"Yeah, and the last one we can have a featured guest. 'N Sync is having Blaque of course. We just have to find someone and then pick a song and everything else," Howie said.
"How much time do we have?" Nick asked.
"We have one day to find someone and then another two to teach them everything and harmonize," Brian answered throwing a rock out into the road.
"That's not a lot of time," Nick said.
"Yeah and the last performance that gets the most points gets the title," Howie said leaning back. The five guys sat in silence for a while.
"In other words we're screwed," Nick stated throwing a rock.
"Yep," A.J. replied.
"Blaque is really popular. We're going have to get someone either equally popular or reallly talented to beat them," Kevin said. They all sighed. Just then Justin and Trista pulled up. None of the guys stood or said anything. Trista stepped out and waved to Justin. He waved and then drove away. Trista walked up to the guys and sat her bag down on the ground.
"Man, you guys look beat. So, no hugs for me?" she asked as she smiled. Brian smiled and stood, the other guys following. They each gave their hugs and talked. Howie then looked at his watched and said they better get some sleep. Trista said bye to all of them and then sat by Nick on the stairs.

Nick smiled at her, "Have fun?"
"It was fun I guess," Trista answered shrugging. "So what were you guys talking about?" she asked.
"The concert. We need to find someone to sing with us on our last number, but we don't know who," Nick asked twirling the football.
"Oh. Well, I'm tired," Trista answered as she yawned.
Nick kissed her forehead and then stood, "Goodnight Trissy." She looked at him evily.
"Don't make me say it," she warned.
"Oh Trissy, you're just tired," Nick smiled and kissed her hand. He loved to tease her. It was so much fun and it made him forget about all that happened between them.
"Huh. Well then I'll see you in the morning, Nicky," she smiled as she stood.
"I knew you would say that," Nick answered and then raced up the stairs and grabbed her waist with both hands and picked her up. Trista laughed as she tried to scramble free.
"Nick let me go!" she urged. He placed her on the railing of the porch and held on to her waist.

Brian and the rest of the guys watched closely from behind the fence. They had heard Trista's small scream and turned to find Nick holding on to her.
"You think they'll kiss?" A.J. asked.
"Maybe. I don't think I've ever seen Nick this happy before," Howie whispered.
"Shhh! Just watch," Brian urged and looked back. They could hear them and Brian wanted to listen.
"Okay, Trista, I'll spare you from tickling if you say you're sorry now," Nick said smiling.
"And what if I don't?" Trista asked with a twinkle in her eye.
"Then I'll have to tickle you," Nick replied.
"Will you kiss me then?" Trista asked curiously. Nick let go of her and looked at her with confusion.
"What is that supposed to mean?" he asked.
"Nothing, just a question," Trista replied softly.
"I don't know if I would or not," Nick replied walking over to the side of the house and leaning against it.
"So, you wouldn't?" Trista asked a little hurt to think that he wouldn't want to kiss her again.
"I didn't say that," Nick stated. There was a silence and Brian shifted in his position. Here we go, he thought.
Trista hopped down from the railing, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up." She started to walk back into the house, but Nick grabbed her with one hand. She looked at him and he looked at her. It was exactly like the night before, except this time, Trista couldn't help herself.

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