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AIM: TWItothemax

Name: Jennifer
Nicknames: Jen, J, Princess, Jenny, Sunny, Jennifah *kinda like Mandah LMAO*
Birthday: November 13
Hometown: Toronto, CANADA!!!
Star Sign: Scorpio

Spark Results:

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Yeah, can you just see my halo? LMAO

Colour: BLUE
Number: 33 - scroll down for an explanation...
Fetish: I've got a fetish for ice! hehe...I love crunching/eating ice...like ALL the time...try it! haha..watch my teeth like fall out one day..ok that's scary...don't wanna do that anymore! But did ya know that you burn 2.9 calories with every piece of ice you chew? *haha...thanks to Kim for that one!*
Funniest Song in the World: "The Thong Song" by Sisqo
Favourite songs:
"Heaven In Your Eyes" -Backstreet Boys *BEFORE it was changed to I Need You Tonight...*
"Black Balloon" - Goo Goo Dolls
"Always" - Bon Jovi
Favourite Ice Cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge...or Heavenly Hash
Favourite Holiday: Christmas!

Favourite Backstreet Boy: Originally it was Brian. And it was cause I fell in love with his voice. I still love his voice. But then, something happened and I started liking the blond one a lot. Damn Nick for being so darn cute I couldn't help myself. So now I have TWO favourite Backstreet Boys - Nick and Brian! YAYNESS! Officially, my order is *drumroll please*: Brian & Nick, Aj, Kev, Howie
Favourite Dance: All I Have To Give ~Gotta love the hat dance~
Favourite Video: The One - cause it brings back so many wonderful memories - that video might not be "professional" but hell, anyone who went to their Into The Millennium concert would have LOVED it. Either that or I Want It That Way - cuz they all looked good...and Nick's lips...STOP!!! *Look at the pic at the top of the page for details...but don't sue me for giving you a heart attack! LOL*
Favourite Quote: "The truth is, we all got together and said 'This Trent guy's got to go'...Out in the snow...what do you know bro? Cuz he's an ol ZERO!" - All of the Boys rolled into one!! WHOOOOO! Besides, it was WAY too cute for words!!
Concerts: Three and counting - March 14th, 2000 at Copps Coliseum, Hamilton; February 7th, 2001 at Sky Dome, Toronto; September 12, 2001 at Air Canada Centre, Toronto
Interesting Fact: I had to do an inventory of my BSB tapes, writing down what's on each one - might as well keep it organized, people!

Why 33 is my favourite number - cuz Nick looks so damn fine in that jersey!