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MTV Diary

Howie - please don't try the ghetto talk, it's NOT GONNA WORK!

Why is Nick so cute when he's sick? Wait, no, why is Nick so cute ALL THE FREAKING TIME??

Howie: "They're gonna boo us." - HELLO, you wouldn't be nominated if people hated you enough to boo you, dummy.

Nick: "On behalf of all the people in Florida, I beg you not to have a recount." - Hey Nick - That's why they don't let you talk.

Dude, that guy telling them where to go to get ready for the EMAs performance was a dead ringer for Kevin!

Howie: "They're always like '2 minutes! Hurry, we need you in 2 minutes!' *rolls eyes*" - that's cause they know you're always LATE, Howie.

LMFAO Someone wrote Nick a message on a pair of underwear, saying "Dear Nick, don't be afraid." hah if I was him...I'd be very afraid.

The Boys' favourite word: shit. Kev said it, AJ definitely said it, and Nick almost did. Must be cause that's the only swear word Brian approves of.

Nick is topless!!!

"We were hoping to recreate that whole Beatles thing where they were up against the barricades screaming." - Oooh, I get it, this is just an ego-trip for you isn't it??

"Look at me, Dad." - Kevin, don't do that, you're gonna make me cry.

Like those tiny little Japanese officers can hold back 2000 fans...riiight.

The argument they had about the song: Nick must have been PMSing. lmao

You can watch the plane land on the TV, man...that's kinda freaky.

AJ: "I consider myself to be normal." - LMAO Too bad that's just you AJ.

Kevin: "Told ya we were gonna hit something. I knew we wouldn't fit." - Ya, okay, smartass.

They were looking at the alumni at the All-Girls Catholic School and was impressed with the "history" - yeah, right, and I drool over Nick cause he's smart.

Hey, those catholic schoolgirls are ILLEGAL boys...

Nick: "Yeah, we do those once in a while, when we're coming over to Europe." - Hopeless. Somebody tell Nick he's in Australia...an entirely different part of the world.

"Kevin's stressing out." - Please, Kevin's ALWAYS stressing out.

"South Africa, you dildo!" - Apparently, NONE of the Boys know their geography.

They were EARLY - I'm shocked.

Kevin: "That was really cool, they were freaking out!" - wait till they freak out so much they jump you, then maybe it won't be so cool after all, huh Kev?

Brian looked EXACTLY like the cheetah for a minute there.

Howie: "I love getting gifts!" - Greedy, greedy, greedy!

Howie: "My bootysmacker...say my name, say my name." LMFAO...no comment.

Brian: "BSB fans in general are like the secret service. (Oooh, I feel really big and powerful now haha) They know where you're going before you do (That's not hard, considering they're geographically-challenged.) They're always there waiting for you. They know what flight you're on, even flying private. (You never know when that talent may be useful!) They know how to get to the airport (Well duh, get in the car and drive!), what gate that you're going to, and to meet you at customs so that they can get an autograph."

AJ: "When we come back, we announce to tha radio where we're staying, but we stay at a different hotel. So all the fans are outside one hotel and we're at a different hotel 10 miles down the road." - Well there goes THAT plan. Announcing it on TV isn't really gonna keep it a secret ya know.

"Hopefully we can go back to being #1." - You've ALWAYS been #1, AJ.

Brian: "That's the typical: 'Brian, please send Nick over.'" LMAO Don't worry Brian, I still love you.

"Hope they still like us." - OF COURSE WE STILL LIKE YOU!

Am I the only one who finds Nick wearing gloves absolutely ADORABLE?