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Live @ Much - Pregame Show

When the Boys are being interviewed in the first clip, Howie starts whispering in Kevin's ear, and he keeps getting closer and closer. Kevin's got this "ewww" expression on his face - and I totally agree, that IS gross. Howie, why ya gotta get so close for, dude? He's not goin anywhere...chill.

What's up with that tongue thing??

I REALLY don't like that camcorder...it's making me sick.

Okay, that girl who was meeting the Boys has to chill out - talk about freaking out. Major, major fan no-no. I mean, if I was the Boys and some wacky girl did that to me, I would be BEYOND freaked.

Wow...that's A LOT of "We Love You"s

When asked if each of them could make a law, what would it be, Nick said he would get rid of gasoline. Well then I guess that means you're gonna have to walk your own ass around the world everytime you're on tour huh?

"Get rid of gas-small things like that." -Nick
Cause getting rid of gas is REAL EASY to do. It's not like most of the world depends on it or anything.

"Howie's law would be that everytime a Backstreet concert comes into tow, the kids will get the day off from school." - Howie
I totally agree with that. Run for president Howie, I'll vote for ya.

Yep, Aj's version of 'Oops I Did It Again' is so much better than the original!

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Captain Nick Carter. Uh, we're travelling at approximately 365 miles per hour and we're over some ocean...don't know where the hell we're at. Just like to let everybody have a great day and in a minute, you know, we'll be serving some beverages. And uh Kevin, you suck at football." - Nick
LMAO. Right when he says he doesn't know where they're at, the camera points to a screen right in front of him that shows a map of where they are - right over the Atlantic. Looks like he's even worse at Geography than we thought.

"When we were flying to the land down under, we played 'The Land Down Under'. And when we were flying to Africa, we played 'Africa'!" - Nick
Doesn't take a lot to amuse these guys, does it?

My Favourite Part:
"You know what I'm gonna do? I'm not gonna strap in. If the FAA ever finds out about this, they're gonna kick my butt. Gotta get my landing position. YAAAAA! Oh, we're bouncing...Let's not show this to the FAA. They'll get really mad." - Nick
HAHAHAHA...he's such a weirdo...but that's why we love you nicky!

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