Ok Kev...skirts aren't good. Especially not on NATIONAL television. Why the other boys didn't see something wrong with this picture...I don't know.

So I guess when Aj said that Amanda was "him, but a girl", this is what he meant, huh?

So now we have TWO leopard-skin men in the group.

Let's do the YYYY-M-C-A!

Unless he's aiming for the Elvis-impersonator look, Kevin needs a haircut. Badly.

Ok, Howie drew this. Totally a work of art. Make way for the next Picasso, people.

Ok, NO ONE should be subjected to listening to NSYNC's No Strings Attached. I feel your pain, Kev. Really I do.

Whenever there's an Aj McLean...McDonald's isn't far away.
[Thanx to Carrie for this pic!]

If you thought the long, shaggy look was bad...this is worse.

Nick's reaction when told this:
Stagehand: "One of your pugs peed on your rug again."
Brian: "I made Tyk do it too. MUAHAHAHAHA."

Nice shoe, Bri.

Getting high much lately?
Aj: Remind me never to stand next to Nick again...I don't know him.
Howie: Quick, cover my eyes Nick!! Joey FatOne's coming to bug me again! Tell him I'm not into that kind of relationship...
Brian: Yeah, I know I'm good.
Kevin: EEEWWWWWW!! Britney and Justin are making out AGAIN!

Cause I ALWAYS put my shirt over my head when I take pictures.
Tyk: *whimpers* H-he's...sc-scaring...m-me!

Kevin: Let's go, Nick!
Nick: NO! I'm not leaving!! That mermaid said she's coming back!!
Kevin: Nick, you know mermaids don't exist.
Nick: HMPH! Well I'm not listening.

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