MOOOOOORE Picture Perfect photos....

"Sometimes I think too hard."
This pic isn't actually that scary when you first see it. But then, when you realize that's a friggin TWENTY-year-old you're looking at....then, it starts to get scary.

Gotta love the shorts, Bri. SEXYYYYYY! LMAO

Nick is into that "Wazzzzup" commercial WAY too much. I'd laugh if some fish swam right into his mouth right now. *evil grin*

BEHOLD....the STAGE!!!!! *gasp*

I don't think I've seen cheesier smiles than these. For guys who are supposed to be embarassed for singing the BK song, they look awfully happy...

Woah...look at that! Double the fun!!

Looks like they'll be having leftover cake for the rest of the year...

Someone mark this down in the history books!!! Nick and Justin TOGETHER IN THE SAME PICTURE isn't the kinda thing you see everyday

I'm guessing someone had a REALLY bad hair day...either that or he styled his hair in the dark.

My hand, dumbass.

Hey, it's that band called Journey!!
Hmmm....could Nick be as obsessed about Journey as teenies are obsessed about him?

Ok, I know Jack Daniels is the most ADORABLE lil puppy in the world but obviously, Aj was drunk when he decided to get a tattoo for his DOG. This is love, people.

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