Yep...there's MORE!

It's the Attack of the Killer Blow Dryers!! Looks like Nick and Howie had a REALLY bad hair day.

How many Backstreet Boys can YOU find?

They read teeny magazines on the plane. They must REALLY be bored.

The coast is clear. Over.
Aj seems to be entertaining Nick by agreeing to play Cops and Robbers with him...

Hmph. Mama says no more candy! How UNFAIR!


It's the Blair Nick Project.

EEWWWWWW....that's a picture I really didn't need to see...

*sigh* Don't you wish you got to go on that 100-Hour Tour with them?

Wonder if Nick had to bribe anyone to play with him...

Ok either Nick's on crack again, or the magazine cut and pasted his head from when he was 13. And Brian looks like he's gonna fall out of the picture.
AJ: Look, it's Johnny!
Howie: Yeah, mine's the coolest.
Kevin: Oh no! I broke off Howie's head!

Obviously REALLY INTERESTED in the Beauty Tips in Seventeen Magazine...

Don't burst an artery trying, Nicky.

Lean over far enough and you just might fall over.

Apparently, Nick's got a secret thing for Britney. Watch out Justin.

Freaky...Brian and Leighanne are ALWAYS matching - clothing-wise and expression-wise. It's cute...but still freaky.

Oh my. K, first of all - there are WAAAY too many "cute, blond ones" in this pic. And second of all, this is numero deux and counting of Nick and Justin together...and if that's not scary enough, it doesn't look like anyone's beaten each other up yet - oooh, they're even SMILING. I must be hallucinating.

Nick: Damn...I'm lookin good.

Dude...Brian, you okay man? Need some Pepto Bismol?

Thanks tons to BSB Eye Candy for the captures on this page!

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