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Friday, May 10, 2002 :::
I just watched 2 hours of Dawson's Creek. I love that stupid show. Even though I yelled and screamed at the characters throughout the whole thing, I still love it. And guess what? Now I'm here to vent! Surprise, surprise. LOL So, even though he was the player and Mr. Slick Sweet Talker, I was starting to like Charlie Todd. But nooooo, they just had to go make Joey break his heart and basically kill him off. Poor guy. He sang to her dangit. You don't break up with a guy after he freaking sings to you. I'm such a sap it's not even funny. lol But this is just like Britney & Justin. Just when I started to think they looked cute together, they go break up. People don't like me, I swear. lmao And what is up with Pacey. Does the boy not think? You have a perfectly perfect girlfriend and then you gotta go screw it all up cause you can't control your hormones. Sheesh...
That's it :)

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Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls - Long Way Down *oooh how I missed this song*
Feeling: Tired

::: posted by Jen at 11:00 PM

Talk about sporadic posting.
What can I say, I'm feeling talkative lately.
My rant of the day: Why, why, why do people feel that May is "Stress Jen Out" Month?? No, fifty thousand projects and fifty thousand tests at school aren't enough. The television people still feel the need to air all the good stuff ALL AT THE SAME FREAKIN TIME. And nooooo, when I get summer break, all i get are reruns, reruns, and what do you know, more reruns. *mutters profanity* Might as well have a sign on my head saying "Hey, it's May, add MORE things to my to-do list!"
Anyway..onto a lighter topic: I just watched the rerun of Matt Damon on Will & Grace again. Yeah, I love Matt Damon now. LOL It's so easy to win me over, just be funny, and i'll love you....ok, ok, be funny and look good too lmao

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Listening to: Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give
Feeling: like I want more Closed Eyes! There I go pluggin again... lol

::: posted by Jen at 12:02 AM

Wednesday, May 08, 2002 :::
Random Thought of the Day: If you kicked a rock to and from school everyday when you were growing up, would that make you a really good soccer player later on?

I love Johnny No-Name. Been listening to his concert from 2(?) years ago...*Play that funky music white boy* And Krystal & Johnny's rendition of Back At One? Good, good, good. :D

I bet you can tell I've gone Quiz Crazy:

Take the ICQuiz!

I'm sure whoever has me on their ICQList would agree this is very true. lol

Then I Did the "Who's My Celebrity Match" quiz.

This is what I got when I was honest:

Then I altered my answers so I could get Josh:
and here he is! lmao

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Listening to: Johnny No-Name - If You Could Only See (Live)
Feeling: like I wanna start a "101 Reasons Why I Love AJ" list

::: posted by Jen at 8:39 PM

Monday, May 06, 2002 :::
I just had tea. That entitles me to stay up late doesn't it? It DOES, dangit. :D
I'm loving the Britney/Justin song "What It's Like to Be Me"...what, oh what, is wrong with me these days? I'm getting soft, that's what. I'm starting to like *Nsync and related people. Whoda thunk it, huh? First it was innocently liking "This I Promise You"...then I listened to "Something Like You" non-stop...now THIS. Pretty soon it'll be the end of the world. Honestly.
I blame J-Kat for this. Her and her addictive BSB fanfics-related-to-Nsync *cough*Something Like You, Go With Your Heart*cough* ...and I'm re-reading Go With Your Heart right now too. Yeah I know, I'm just asking for it, but I can't help it, that's my number-one all-time favourite fanfic! lol i've never re-read ANYTHING before, not novels, not fanfics, so yeah, you can see how good this story is! [insert big cheesy smile here]

Right Now I'm...
Listening to: Britney Spears - What It's Like To Be Me (it's practically on repeat dude lol)
Feeling: I plug J-Kat's site WAY too often...she must be thrilled LOL

::: posted by Jen at 12:12 AM

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